The Mission of The Most Fortunate Foundation is to do three things well.

#1 Stop the revolving door of Juvenile repeat crime offenders by visiting incarcerated youth three times per week in  Baltimore City  Juvenile detention center. Provide comprehensive approaches that implement opportunities for education, mentoring, conflict resolution training, and guidance before and after re-entering society.

#2  Distribute food and clothing to homeless/ needy families in Baltimore city during extreme temperatures of the fall and winter months.

#3 Provide the highest quality housing for Military veterans in Baltimore city and surrounding counties.

What we believe

We believe that there is no such thing as a less fortunate person only those who have not come in contact with our foundation.

— Our Story

One night in the summer of 2014 Fredrick Scott was awakened with a sense of structuring all of the areas where he was volunteering his time, energy, love, and passion into one. He was given the thought that we all have something to contribute to society from the least to the greatest.

The only thing that separates culture and societies is access to the most basic human needs. The least in mans eyes are the most in God’s eyes and one can see clearly that If you supply the universal human needs of water, clothing, food, education and shelter all human beings will be viewed as equal since we all were created equal.

It is from this paradigm and for this cause The Most Fortunate Foundation was created. Since that night people from all races,genders, nationalities, creeds, and religions have joined together to help the cause of The Most Fortunate Foundation.

"Your future is connected to the good you do today"

Fredrick Scott
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Support Our
COVID-19 Drive

The Department of Juvenile Justice and the Youth Detention Center needs our help

Our strategy is to provide teaching,instructional, and creative materials that can be maintained without our physical presence. We rely soley on the generous donations of the community and with your help our youth will be able to get through this unpresidented time.Please consider making a monetary donation today.