Help Us prepare these baltimore
juveniles for re-entrance into society

For decades, educators, policymakers, and criminal justice professionals have sought effective crime prevention strategies. Although some communities are experiencing success, the country is plagued with escalating juvenile violence, which has compelled policymakers to turn their attention from prevention to “Get Tough” tactics. This approach may work initially but does not have long lasting effects on the youth’s mental, social, or emotional stability once they enter back into their communities.

The Most Fortunate Foundation approach to remedy this revolving door of Youth crime-incarceration- release- youth crime is implementing effective strategy which include comprehensive approaches that provide opportunities for education, mentoring, conflict resolution training, and safety; engage youth and their families; and are community-based and integrated.

Our Mentors/educators spend three times more time weekly with detained Juveniles (National Average time spent with Detained Youth is once per week with other organizations)

We provide hands on educational programing for Youth complete with incentive rewards for reaching set goals and objectives.

We follow-up with youth once released to provide additional guidance and resources.*


To provide children with the opportunity to develop positive behaviors while incarcerated in order to prevent youth crime, violence, and foster positive re-entry into society.


Yvonne S. Baltimore City Parent

My Grandson was in Baltimore City Juvenile detention center from 2017-2018. During this time The Most Fortunate Foundation sent mentor/educators to engage and encourage my grandson.They gave him guidance and a plan to follow when he was released. When he was released they purchased him clothes/shoes and enrolled him in summer school so that he could stay on track to graduate with his class. I am telling you from experience they are serious about helping Baltimore City Juveniles not just re-enter society but re-enter better equipped to succeed. Words can not express my gratitude. May God bless your foundation – Yvonne S. Baltimore City Parent